Typhoons happened, and can happen again. Protect your property with our Typhoon Shutters.

Our shutter-specs are approved for all Military and Federal projects.


Accordion Typhoon Shutters

U.S. made accordion shutters, fabricated custom. We can make shutters of any size and quantity. Available in bronze and white colors.

Panel Shutters

U.S. made panel shutters. Our panels are made of thick aluminum and it can resist very strong typhoons. Best solution if you are looking for protection only during typhoon.

Roll up Shutters

U.S. made roll up typhoon shutters which can be operated manually or motorized. Motorized roll ups are very convenient to operate and an excellent option for high raised windows and openings.

Clear Accordion Shutters and Panel Shutters

Best options if you want to have the outside view even during a typhoon.


Colonial Typhoon Shutter, Bahamas Shutters , Fabric Typhoon Shutters and Typhoon Screens are also available options if you are looking for a modern look.